A production designer & art director 

residing in Los Angeles.

My work focuses on creating hyper-real worlds - bringing fantasy into reality through various media. After finishing studying at the Chelsea College of Arts in London, I moved to LA and have been cultivating a multi-faceted career in entertainment since.

Most recently I've done production design on music videos for artists such as Janelle Monae, Carly Rae Jepsen, Billie Eilish, Kim Petras, and Blackbear. 

Additionally, I have worked as art director on various events and theatrical productions. This includes being the art director at Disco Dining Club, and working with Secret Cinema and Punchdrunk whilst in London. I've done set design for four theatre productions in Los Angeles, They Who Saw The Deep, Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan, Grief, and Agnosia. I also founded and creative direct an immersive club night called Bambii in Downtown Los Angeles.

My other experience consists of being involved in a multitude of large scale projects with major film and production studios such as Disney, Dreamworks, Lionsgate, Warner Bros and more. This includes work on style guides, partnership proposals, marketing plans etc.

Please feel free to get in touch regarding employment, collaboration, or general life advice.


Liam Moore

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